Library Garden Fall Cleanup, this Saturday, November 3rd. 8:30am.

Library Garden Fall Cleanup, this Saturday, November 3rd, 8:30am. Hope to see you there! “Many hands make light work”!

Show up and help us clean the garden beds for the winter.  Bring your gloves, hat, some water and a great attitude.  We can all do it together and it won’t take too long.

We will be chipping some branches, adding garden waste to the mulch and maybe even planting some field peas in the bed for a green cover crop for the winter.

If you had a bed this year we would love for you to come help and seed your bed with a green cover crop.  It can only help improve your soil for next year.

Hope to see you there!


Last Garden Club Meeting for the year. And we are ending with a potluck! Thursday the 25th 6-8pm.


Thursday, October 25th 6-8pm

Pine River Library

Come join the Pine River Garden Club for our last meeting of the season.

IT’S A POTLUCK!!  Please bring a dish to share.

We will be discussing this years growing season along with plans, thoughts for next year.


If you want to keep your grow Bed next season we encourage you to be at this meeting to fill out another registration form along with paying your annual membership dues to reserve your bed.


Hope to see you there!! 🌱❤️🙏🙂

September Garden Club Meeting . Thursday 27th, 6pm at the Library.

Can you believe its already September and that’s about over with.  Saturday the 22nd Autumn begins, so here we are into fall, like it or not.  The leaves are changing everywhere, which is beautiful, but we know what’s coming.  I hope there will be the white stuff so we have water next year.  But we don’t want to think about that yet.  My tomatoes are just now ripening.  For now we still have gardening and clean up.  It’s been beautiful weather for these kind of things.  Let’s get together Thursday and talk gardening.

July has a lot going on. This month’s meeting is Thursday July 26 at 6pm, at the Bayfield Library.

This July has been warm to say the least.  Hope you are able to keep yourself and your garden well hydrated.  Your garden will do best if you wait to water until the cooler hours of the morning or evening.  It will wilt when it’s hot to protect itself, then perk up when the day cools.

This month’s meeting will be about the tour de farms and Zucchini fest all happening Saturday August 18th.  With Tour de Farms happening in the morning.  You can purchase a ticket to ride the bus we have provided and visit 4 local farms.  This is the first year the tour has come to Bayfield and the garden club will get the proceeds!

Then starting at noon the annual Zucchini Fest is happening.  Our tribute to all that zucchini you have or wish you had in your garden.  You can bring your favorite zucchini dish to share and partake in all the fun.  We even have music and prizes for various zucchini events.  It’s amazing what you can do with squash.

Come to the meeting and find out more about both, so you can tell your friends.

We also have Field Peas to share, for a small donation, for a cover crop thanks to Andrew and Southwest Seed.  Find out more about this at the meeting also.

Hope to see you all there.

Water Restrictions at our Library Garden Beds. We are on the odd days!

ATTENTION: Town of Bayfield Water Restrictions in effect!

Anyone with a garden bed at the library garden can only water on odd days of the month. 1,3,5,7,etc…. if you have a timer and drip hose that is fine, just needs to be set to odd days. You can only water between 6-9am and 6-9pm.

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The library has asked us to please follow the Bayfield watering guidelines.  Only water your gardens at the library on the odd days of the month.  We are all concerned about the shortages of water and we want to respect their wishes.  We are using their water for free so why not.
You can still water but just on the odd number of days, fitting for us gardeners don’t you think!

Garden Club Meeting for April Thursday 4/26/2018 6pm in the Bayfield Library Garden. It’s too nice to be inside. Get ready for the plant exchange next month and onions will be here, come get yours!!!

It’s spring lots going on this month the compost class was great if you missed it last Saturday, great information from Tom Bartel  Check his website out if you missed it.

This month we will be going over plans for the plant exchange and asking for volunteers to help with all the fun and plants.

Kami will be bringing the onions too if you are looking for things you can plant already, onions are one of the easiest and for club members they are a great price.

See you all at 6 in the garden!!