Plant Exchange Saturday May 16th, 9am-2pm at the Bayfield Library!!!

Plant too many seedlings?  Do those perennials need divided, have they quit blooming?  That houseplant taking over?

Bring those extras to The Pine River Garden Clubs Annual Plant Exchange.

We will have plants available for trade or you can donate to the club for seedling we have started.

There are hundreds of vegetable starts, herbs, house plants & even some perennials available.  Yes, hundreds, the garden club themselves started over a thousand seeds.  They are growing strong and now need a place in your garden or home!!

Come join us, see who has what to trade or just donate to the club and get your garden started for the season.   This is our way of sharing with the community our great luck at starting seedlings through the club this year.  And a huge “Thank You” to the Pine River Library in Bayfield for giving us the space to make it happen.

Also get more information on the garden club and what we have been up to this year!!  There have been some great deals presented at our meetings.  Come join and see what your missing.  Next meeting is May 21st at 6pm at the library.  Make new friends with fellow plant crazies!!


One thought on “Plant Exchange Saturday May 16th, 9am-2pm at the Bayfield Library!!!

  1. There are brochures advertising the plant exchange next weekend available at the library just ask at the desk, tell them they are in the garden club mailbox. If everybody can just put 2 or 4 up where they will get seen that would be the greatest advertising we can do.


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