how to compost in place!

Patrice inherited a bed with a wonderful diversity of weeds, so what do you do when life gives you lemons? Make compost of course!  She pulled all of the weeds (as well as others from the walkways) and put them back on her garden bed root side up to decompose back into her soil.  This protects the soil and soil organisms from the harsh weather, snow/wind/sun, and as the weeds break down they add organic matter into the soil, improving its capacity to hold water, fluffiness for roots to penetrate and lots for the beneficial soil microbes to eat.  Way to go Patrice and happy gardening!


One thought on “how to compost in place!

  1. Aha! now I may know where that volunteer arugula went! I was very impressed with how well the path was tidied over after its removal. May the lovely life of all the weeds turn your bed lusciously fruitful!


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