Plant Exchange was super successful!!!

Wow!  We had such a great turn out for the plant exchange even with the less than cooperative but always appreciated moisture.  Thank you to everyone who helped out and made it such a terrific day!!  Thank you too for all of you that planted, transplanted and watered the seedlings in the dome to have such a great selection ready for people, many were in awe of what we have accomplished.  Thanks too to Spring Mountain Growers for the donation of so many plastic pots-if you took a plant home, there is a good chance the pot came from them.  Please remember to look for their plants at the local nurseries because they are locally grown, grown without harmful pesticides and will rock your garden for years to come!  I have attached this week’s list of available plants.  She has a limited quantity of ascelpias, ‘butterfly plants’ or milkweed that so many butterflies adore.  This one will bring the monarchs and some of their friends to your garden as well as hummingbirds.  Learn more about these incredible plants here:

Remember that she needs to have orders for plants by Tuesday morning at the latest so let me know ASAP if there is something that you would like this week.  Unbelievably great deal!  Click the blue link below.

05162015 Availability

butterfly weed Have a great week!  Kami


2 thoughts on “Plant Exchange was super successful!!!

  1. This was the greatest Plant Exchange we have had so far, in spite of the weather!!!!! Thanks again to everyone who helped make it a success, from those who planted the seeds and keept them watered to those that help haul things in the rain on Saturday to get us to the great sale day.


  2. Thanks also to everyone who contributed a baked good, drinks, or paper goods. We had a great variety of yummy treats. According to Deb, we made more money on our baked good donations this year than we made on the entire plant exchange last year! Yippee!


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