Free lettuce, onions and leeks from Spring Mountain Growers!

Spring Mountain Growers has generously donated several flats of lettuce, onions and leeks to the garden club!  They are in the dome-lettuce is on the east side near the fish tank, onion and leeks are in the center bed when you walk in.  They all look fantastic and are ready to go in the ground so please take some if you need them. PLEASE be sure to return the trays and the 6-packs, she can reuse everything. This will save her money and enable her continued generosity to us. The garden club will also take any other plastic pots that you have so we can use them next year for the plant exchange. We are working on getting a container in the garden area to drop them in but for now please put them in the tool shed or dome.

Spring Mountain Growers also has a fabulous variety of perennials and annuals for purchase as well.  Look for them when you go to the local nurseries, support the people who support us!  Just a reminder that they garden club gets the sweetest deal around on pricing.  I have attached a list with this week’s availability below.

05292015 Availability (1)

I am still working on getting a load of organic straw into Co-op so don’t give up on me!

Just a reminder too that this Thursday, Brian could use some help getting some annuals into the ground at the library.

It sure is starting to feel like summer, if only I was ready!!  Hope everyone was able to get outside and enjoy this incredible weekend!


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