Thank you!!

Flowers are in – Thank you!

I’d like to give sincere thanks for the eight or so Garden Club folks that showed up June 4 to help plant the six large planters and the bed near the entrance with a variety of colorful annuals  The flowers (lobelia, petunias, salvia, calibrachoa, and “spike”) will likely be peaking by early July, and we should see a great red, white, and blue show befitting the Fourth of July Holiday.

Also, special thanks to Shelley for not only freeing up about $400 for the project, but also for coming out at 5pm to help with the planting!

I’ll be conducting a plant propagation class this fall (I anticipate late October) at which time we’ll pot up a few dozen select perennials from the existing plants in the Garden to fill in the same bed/pots early next spring.    We’ll continue to use annuals for a splash of color here and there each year, but the perennials will form the cornerstone of the displays in the coming years.  This will allow us to reduce cost for annuals to about $50 per year which I feel is pretty reasonable.

Thanks again, and be sure to have a look at our work next time you’re at the Library.

Brian White

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