Spring Mountain Growers availability this week-strawberries!

Hi all,

Spring Mountain Growers has lots of great stuff this week, check out the availability below.  I have included her contact info as well.  Enjoy this beautiful weather!!


-Strawberries:  There are 2  606 flats of heirloom strawberries that I grew from seed.  They are all alpine varieties.  If they are received well, I will grow more next year.  Please provide feedback.  Thanks!

-Tomatoes: We up-potted some of the tomatoes.  They are just getting their roots set into the gallon pots.  If you would like to take them now, that is fine, or you can wait a week for their roots to set.

-Cleome: I grew a few flats from seed this year.  Please let me know if you like them.  I will consider growing more next year if they are well received.

-Hibiscus: These are wintered over and ready to sell.  3 nice varieties.  What is listed is all I have.

-What is really showy right now: It’s hard to pick but what stands out as at the top of their game is Scabiosa, Monardella and Elijah Blue grass. 

Cali Rizzi
Spring Mountain Growers
1532 County Road 523
Bayfield, Colorado 81122
(206) 650-7763 mobile
(435) 608-7763 fax

06052015 Availability


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