June meeting Thursday the 18th at 6pm at the Library

Thank you to all that helped plant the lovely red, white & blue flowers in front of the Library !!!

Has anybody got everything they wanted planted?  With these rains I still have lots that haven’t made it in the ground yet.  If you are one of the lucky ones that got your garden in before the rains they should be looking wonderful.  Maybe we’ll sneek outside and take a look at what is growing.  That always raises some good questions too.

We’ve had some interest in doing a couple of home garden tours if anybody wants to show off what they have going at home, we’ll throw that out there for discussion.  Maybe even a fall nursery tour is possible.  Along with any other ideas the club would like to see us be a part of.

There have been some great deals go through our club this year, so I hope you all have taken advantage of at least some of them, including the great deals we had at our own plant exchange.  Like all the leftovers that went out at the last meeting and some new faces joined us also.  They all went home with more new plants to plant!  If not, I think there is still a couple of leftovers if you are interested show up!!

Oh yeah,  take some pictures of your garden, I know it looks great!!!  We have several different ways we may use them!!!  And they help you remember what you did last year when you look at them next year.

Come join us!!

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  1. Deb, It’s Monday and Lloyd and I will do the dome. He wants to go plant more salsa type things in bed #9. I’ll remind him to take pictures.-Bonnie


  2. Thanks Deb, Lloyd started planting bed #9 today. I believe the teens are joining with him to garden that bed. They want salsa! Just for fun he put in two watermelons. I planted lemon grass and peanuts in the dome today also. Everything looked fantastic!-Bonnie Cotton


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