Spring Mountain Growers availability this week

Summer may actually be here now!  Do you have some gaps in your blooms? Check out Spring Mountain Growers list of available plants and fill them in 🙂  Here is the info from them and the blue link gets you to this week’s list.

06192015 Availability

– Tomatoes: The gallon tomatoes are GREAT!  Full and baring fruit.  We will be phasing out the flats very soon.

– What standing out: 

1. Agastache Blue Fortune: About a foot tall now, deep green leaves, pale blue spike-like blooms.
2. Hibiscus: All three varieties are super nice. Will produce large, 8″-12″ blossoms.  Not flowering yet but will soon.
3. Coreopsis Early Sunrise: Loaded with great blossoms.
4. Thyme Pink Chintz: It’s a standard but no less cool for it.  It is putting on lots of pink with deep green foliage as accent. And it’s a great seller.
5. Cleome: Multicolored, light as air blooms from now until frost.
6. Geum Queen of Orange: Eye-catching furry mounds of foliage with slender stems and singular blossoms. Low maintenance too!
7. Monarda Coral Reef: Fragrant and oh so pink.  Great for pollinators.

Enjoy the heat and I hope to see you next week!

Cali Rizzi
Spring Mountain Growers
1532 County Road 523
Bayfield, Colorado 81122
(206) 650-7763 mobile
(435) 608-7763 fax

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