Weeds and straw!

Hi all,


Tonight is the next meeting for the garden club and I have a request.  The garden beds at the Bayfield Elementary School have gotten out of hand with greens going to seed and weeds from the rain.  The family center folks would like to continue to use the garden this summer with the idea that anything that is continuing to produce once school is back in session would go directly into the lunch room!  Would folks be willing to have our meeting at the school garden and just clean things up?  It shouldn’t take too long with a few of us.  The easiest way to get to the garden is from Clover drive, I will unlock the gate where the buses come in to turn around and we can park near the garden.  I know this is terribly short notice and I apologize for that, I have been out of town and just couldn’t get to a computer sooner.  Please bring your tools if you have them and I will pick up some from the toolshed so we have plenty.  I would also love to get ideas for ways to improve this space for the kids, I want to submit some grants and the more ideas the better.


I have found a source of unsprayed straw that can be used for mulch, compost etc.  Even better still it is only $3/bale and located out in Hesperus!  Lloyd and Bonnie have generously agreed to drive their truck and trailer out there to pick up a load.  Depending on how many people are interested we might be able to use another trailer.  Please let me know if you are interested and how many bales you are looking to get.  Also let me know if you have a truck/trailer available.  I would like to do this as a group so it is easier on the farmer, it is better for him to stop what he is doing and load up a bunch of bales once than it will be to load 3 bales here and 4 bales there.  We want to make this workable for him so he continues to have this critical resource available for us.  I have been looking for months to find unsprayed straw and there just isn’t much out there especially at this price.

thanks and happy gardening!



One thought on “Weeds and straw!

  1. Hello Kami,

    We are interested in the unsprayed straw. How many bales can one person obtain? My son is raising chickens and I do gardening, so we can put it to good use. Do you know if there is many weed seeds in it, being that it is not sprayed? I am really battling the thistles out here in Oxford! UGH! They are sooo persistent! My son says he’d like to get as many as 30 bales. Twenty would probably be a good quantity as well. Thank you for finding it. Some years it is hard to find straw, depending on what the farmers are growing. Good work!

    Take care,

    Laura Gott


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