Sorry that I was late!

Sorry to those of you that beat me to the school, sounds like I just missed you.  Thank you for being willing to come!  It turned out that I didn’t get much done because the ants were completely out of hand and the soil was much drier than I expected it to be.  I put out a bunch of sugar/borax syrup to knock the ants back and watered everything to loosen the soil.  It is supposed to rain on Saturday so we are planning to try again Sunday morning at 8am if anyone would like to join us.  There are lots of bachelor’s buttons blooming and some ready to go to seed-feel free to collect some if you would like.  Bonnie and Lloyd said that there was a good turnout for Dr. Shuler’s soil talk-excellent!  He is a great resource and everyone’s soil can use some help around here 🙂

Thanks again for coming to weed and I apologize for being late.


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