We’re Outta Luck…

I am so sorry to announce that Heather Gray has completed her move to New Mexico and won’t be able to come back to Colorado for the Introduction to Permaculture class that was scheduled for Thursday, July 23rd.  She has been through a lot the past few weeks but is finally settled at her new position at United World College in Montezuma, NM.  We wish her all the best–she’s back to doing what she loves–large scale organic farming!


WildWisdomDon’t forget that we have two more events coming up in August!  August 5th at 7 pm, Katrina Blair will be here to talk about The Wild Wisdom of Weeds.  Katrina is the owner of the amazing Turtle Lake Refuge in Durango and she’ll be giving a presentation and answering questions about all those tasty weeds.  Don’t pull them–Eat them!

wormsAlso, on Thursday, August 13th at 6, Jennaye Derge from the Durango Compost Company will do an Introduction to Vermiculture class.  Vermiculture?  What’s vermiculture, you say?  WORMS!!!!!  Jennaye will talk about the benefits of raising worms and using worm castings and casting tea to fertilize your gardens.  AND, she’ll set up the library’s new, demonstrations worm bin.  Don’t miss the fun and informative class!

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