Soaker hoses and weeds

Good morning gardeners!

I need everyone with a garden bed and a soaker hose to please go to the garden this weekend or in the next few days and double check the amount of water that is going onto your bed.  I have been at the garden early in the morning the last couple of days and there has been water standing and running between the beds-from one bed near the dome almost all the way to the toolshed and another one almost all of the way to the iron pergola/awning.  This cannot continue and is the reason that the library (who pays the water bill) was very hesitant to allow soaker hoses.  If we don’t correct this problem immediately they will all have to be removed and hand watering will be required.  I did completely turn off the timers on the soaker hoses that were flooding the pathways so everyone needs to check their hose and timer.  Please stay at your bed for a full cycle of watering and see if it needs to be reduced.  The soil in the beds is quite heavy and doesn’t dry out quickly so consider reducing the frequency of your watering as well.  The good news is that the pathways are juicy and the weeds between the beds will be easy to pull!  Please clear the weeds between your bed and another on at least one side of your bed.  If everyone does just a little bit it will all be done.  Reducing the amount of water in the pathways will greatly reduce the number of weeds in them as well.

Brian White was working in the garden this morning as well and wanted to alert all of you to the jostaberries and currants that are producing right now.  First come, first served!  Raspberries should be ready in another week or so.

How lucky are we to have this fabulous garden in our community!?!?!?!?  Crazy lucky!!

4 thoughts on “Soaker hoses and weeds

  1. I just put mine in on Thursday and I noticed the paths were soaked so I hope it’s not mine! I will be there tomorrow to check it just to make sure. However, I just totally guessed at how much to do it and I was wondering if anyone could recommend times and duration for me


    1. Thank you for checking it. Nearly all of the paths were soaked and I turned off 3 timers that were running and flooding and considered another that hadn’t been off for long but left it as I wasn’t sure it was creating the flood. When I had a bed in the garden a couple of years ago I thoroughly soaked it twice a week and that was it and it was a much hotter year. We are blessed with terrific soil that holds the moisture. Try turning on your hose and letting it run until it starts to puddle, turn it off and check back in 3 days or so.


  2. Thanks all for checking on this. I tried to do a drip with my plot but found after 3 minutes the water was leaking out of the sides of the bed. I think the dirt is still so saturated down deep it just can’t take more. What a great problem! Shelley


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