Spring Mountain Growers availability list

I swear this is my last post today!

I have attached this week’s availability list from Spring Mountain Grower’s, just click on the blue link below.  Did you know that all of the perennials that look so fabulous in the community garden right now were grown by Spring Mountain Growers??  Yep, that is the bomber type of plant that you get from them 🙂


07252015 Availability (1)

The Great List:
– Leucanthemum: Snow Lady in gallons and flats, shortest variety, super cute.
– Leucanthemum: Crazy Daisy, gallons are blooming, tall and fun.
– Salvia: Both Blue Hills and Blue Queen Dwarf are in full color.
– Kniphofia: ‘Flamenco’, creamy yellow, bright orange and flame red mixture, is just beginning to flower.
– Scabiosa: STILL BLOOMING, swiftly becoming one of my favs for how long it is enjoyable.


Cali Rizzi
Spring Mountain Growers
1532 County Road 523
Bayfield, Colorado 81122
(206) 650-7763 mobile
(435) 608-7763 fax


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