August Schedule for the Pine River Garden Club

Happy sultry summer day everyone!  We finally have some real summertime weather, at least for a bit maybe….

Several things are happening this month with the club and here they are:

8/13/15  Tomorrow night!   6pm, Vermiculture class at the library-come learn how put worms to work for you

8/20/15  Pine River Garden Club monthly meeting.  6pm, this will be a work meeting, we will be sprucing up the garden area and dome, if you need help in your bed, show up and we will help you!  We will be pulling weeds, dead heading, collecting seeds if they are ready and just doing whatever needs to be done.  The beds look fabulous so come tell everyone what you are growing in yours or ask what is growing in someone else’s, get ideas for next year and get to know each other even better. We can also fill you in on what is happening with the zucchini extravaganza!!

8/23/15  Tour of gardens on CR 502/228  We had talked about this at a previous meeting and if folks are still interested then those of us on 502/228 would be happy to have you visit.  We need to coordinate time and car pooling so if you are interested then please come to the meeting on Thursday the 20th and let us know.  There are 4 gardens that you can check out, Barb and Eldon’s, Mimi’s, Kami’s, Bonnie and Lloyd’s.  We probably have lots in common but I’m sure we each put our own spin on things too-I can hardly wait to see up close what my neighbors have done!

Spring Mountain Growers has many great perennials available too.  As we start cooling down toward fall it is a great time to add perennials so they have time to settle in and then take off in the spring.  The plants that I got from Spring Mountain earlier this summer are blooming and strong, truly superior plants!  Click on the blue link for the latest list and see Cali’s descriptions of this week’s stars.

see you at the worm class or next week!


08102015 Availability

The Great List:

– Rudbeckia: Goldstrum in flats.  Just beginning to bloom.  Tall and splendid.

– Aster: Wartburg Star, there are gallons and flats. Blossom are starting now.
– Centranthis ruber: Red Valerian ‘Jupiter’s Beard’ is popular and these plants are healthy and full.
– Sempervivum: tectorum ‘Hens & Chicks’, producing new shoots, pots are packed, great bang for the buck.
– Lavender: Enjoyable and oh so fragrant.  Flats and gallons available.


Cali Rizzi
Spring Mountain Growers
1532 County Road 523
Bayfield, Colorado 81122
(206) 650-7763 mobile
(435) 608-7763 fax


2 thoughts on “August Schedule for the Pine River Garden Club

  1. Hi Laura,
    I thought I was going to have the straw this week but the farmer had irrigation water all around so I’m going to talk to him on Sunday and set up a day for next week, it won’t be Monday or Thursday but I will let you know as soon as I do. Bonnie, Lloyd and I are going to go load up their truck and trailer and then bring it to their home on CR 228. I don’t know how many bales we can fit in a load, thinking 60 or so. You are one of the first to get them so I will make sure that 20? are yours. If we can fit more then you can take 30, I’m just trying to catch as many people with the first load as possible. My guess will be that we may be making a second trip. Also, if it is easier for you the farmer is located on CR 222 which runs between Hwy 160 and Hwy 172, I thought he was in Hesperus but I was misinformed. Where are you located?


  2. Straw?

    Hi Kami,

    Just touching base with you on the straw you were talking about being available 1st week of Aug. Yeah, I know it is now threefold week. . . . Had quite a hectic week last week. So, was wondering if the pickup has happened or will there be more available. Also, where would we get it from you guys? We have pickup trucks but are in use all day, so would have to get the straw after 5:00 PM.




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