plastic pot roundup!

Hi all,

Spring Mountain Growers would love to reuse the plastic pots that you got plants in this year(or last).  This is a great way to keep all of the plastic from going to a landfill and enable Spring Mountain to keep their prices so reasonable.  You can put any of your unwanted pots that are in good condition in the toolshed and I will get them to Cali.  If we end up with sizes that she cannot use then we will use them for the seedlings next spring.  Please don’t bring pots that are cracked or damaged as she can’t use them because the plants dry out too quickly.  I have also attached Spring Mountain’s list of available plants.  For those of you on the garden tour last weekend she has the hibiscus you saw in my yard and also the great hopflower oregano that the bees are still going crazy over.

09042015 Availability

Have a stupendously wonderful labor day weekend!


IMG_0421hopflower oregano


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