Garden Club Meeting this Thursday Sept. 17 at 6pm in the gardens!

We have the Zucchini inaugural Extravaganza coming up this Sunday the 20th from 1-4.
We still need help with some things, and of course we need anyone and everyone to bring a zucchini dish to share along with the recipe to share. There will be lots going on, good food to taste, activities for the kids, a band and lots more.

We will start the list for those who want to get in on the lottery for next year’s gardens as sadly our growing season is coming to an end. Although, I just planted spinach, lettuce, peas, swiss chard along with some carrots and beets. They probably won’t all make it but some things still have enough time. Last year I planted spinach in my bed at the library and it made it through the winter. I was harvesting spinach in mid april from that. So try it, fall planting is actually a great time for those cool season veggies that don’t take much time and there is less bugs. Besides some crops actually are enhanced by a little frost, like carrots, they are even sweeter after a light frost.

If you see that you are going to have extra of anything in your gardens Pine River Shares is always glad to take that excess. If you are going to be gone when that first frost threatens,( yes it is coming, sorry) let someone know so they can pick what they can so it doesn’t go to waste. There are lots who can use it. If you don’t know anybody, let the garden club know and we can get it to those who need it. We all hate to see it wasted in the garden after you put so much work into it.

See you all in the garden Thursday at 6 for more info.

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