I need help saturday morning at the elementary school garden

Hi all,

Since we have had all of this lovely rain, the ground at the elementary school should be much easier digging to put in all of the shrubs and perennials donated by Botanical Concepts.  I will be there at 8am with all of the plants and we will be putting them in the beds to hold them until spring.  Hopefully in the spring we will have some grant money and can put them into a better configuration and build new beds, but that is next spring.  This fall they just need a good happy spot in the ground.  I realize that it is heritage days and there is a lot going on but if you can spare just a little time that would be terrific!  If you aren’t familiar with the location of the garden beds, turn into the drive where the buses turn around off of Clover Drive.  Please bring your shovel and gloves.

Also a big, giant THANK YOU to all that helped with the zucchini extravaganza on Sunday!  It was a huge success and everyone had a really great time (even though I didn’t win the rototiller).  Many participants were talking about the zucchini dish that they would bring ‘next year’ so I think this could be an annual event.  The celebrity chefs’ food was delicious, the kids were having a great time with the scavenger hunt, stamping, decorating and I don’t know when the zucchini carvings were done but they were quite impressive.  Again, many many thanks to all of you for an excellent community event!



One thought on “I need help saturday morning at the elementary school garden

  1. Kami: My husband has a bobcat with an auger attachment that could make quick work for planting the shrubs. The question is will if fit through the entrance. Is there a gate or other way to get to the area that the bobcat might fit through? Let me know. The bobcat is at a jobsite here in Bayfield today.
    Jeannie Donnelly
    cell: 850-867-3883


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