Read me!!!!! new location for potluck!!!!

Hi all,

Due to a scheduling conflict we will be having our potluck at the Senior Center.  So to be clear:

End of Season Potluck: October 21st, 6pm at the Senior Center near Joe Stephenson Park, Families Welcome!

If you see others from the Garden Club please mention it as I’m not sure that everyone reads this blog.

Debbie had a fantastic idea that if you have seeds that you have collected or a perennial that needs to be divided or garlic to pass along please bring it to the potluck.  The only stipulation is that if you take something home from the potluck then you agree to share it with someone else in the future.  So when your plant that you grew from seed produces more seed pass some along or divide  your perennial in a couple of years and share it with someone else.  This is the very best way to ensure that the plants in your garden are suited to our climate.  If they grew here and set seed or multiplied then they know what it takes to make it here and will likely succeed for you too.  Just think, a chance to get new plants in the spring at the plant swap and now in the fall too-what could be better?!?!?!

See you there!



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