great conference coming up!

Hi there garden nerds!
This sounds like a great conference if you can fit it in to your schedules.
Hi All –
Please share the upcoming event with anyone who wants more information on farming and ranching in the Arid southwest.  Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico are coming together to share practical experience and explore new ideas to increase profitability and hedge against possible drought conditions. Thanks for helping to get the word out.  **Judy**  PS More info is available on our website 
Inline image 1
 High Desert Conservation District
(Formerly Dolores Conservation District)
Judy Garrigues – District Manager
628 West 5th Street
Cortez, CO 81321
970-565-9045 x118

One thought on “great conference coming up!

  1. Thanks for this information. It would be wonderful to go to and unfortunately I am
    unable. I hope that several are able to go and later share the wealth of information. I am still recovering from the Thanksgiving meal…I served some of my CO grown squash with the meal…yummy. Miss you all. I look forward to the school garden project next spring.
    We planted our vegetable garden last week…that is what is wonderful about wintering in AZ.


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