Happy snowstorm everyone!  Just in case you didn’t know, Monday was the winter solstice which means that yesterday was the official start of garden season!!  Grab a seed catalog, repot a plant or curl up with your favorite gardening book and think spring, then get outside and play in this beautiful, fabulous snow!!!!  The pic below is from Debbie Holder’s yard and gives you all something warm to think about.


Old picture, but this is my driveway entrance. It doesn’t look as good this year but still beautiful!

2 thoughts on “HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE!!

  1. Merry Christmas everyone ! I love Kami’s image of curling up with seed catalogs. Here in Tucson our small garden is on hold waiting for warmer nights…..sounds like June in Bayfield. In January my focus turns to my job of advertising our Tucson Garden Club’s Flower Show to be held April 2 nd. No digging in the dirt, but challenging the creative part of my brain in ideas of designing flowers in wreaths, under water, educational modes, and other special arrangements.
    One last thought, on this Christmas Eve day I am thinking of Mary, being near her baby’ s arrival, riding a donkey over rough countryside for hours! What went through her mind and body during those hours. Was she really aware of how her baby would change the world?


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