I can’t even see my gardens, and I have raised beds in my yard!

But we are thinking of what spring will bring.

Our first meeting this year is TUESDAY the 19th of January, this coming Tuesday, at 6pm-7:30?

We will be talking about SEEDS!!

What we are ordering, from who, and most important what to plant when.  It’s not too early to start some things.

I know it’s a little early but you have to think ahead, I know my gardens are out there somewhere, at least they are getting moisture for the spring!!front window 1-8-16


  1. Does snow contain nitrogen like summer rains? My lettuce,spinach and swiss chard are coming along fine. Squash was hit by our ” cold” evenings! I would have enjoyed hearing everyone’s comments are the meeting. I AM thinking of my gardens in C O! Mimi


  2. Hey, everyone –

    Shelley and Judy have hired me to do a xeriscape design for in front of the community room annex (currently grass/weeds and a few trees). I am about 70% done with the design and would love some involvement from the Club members!

    There are six rock garden areas in the desingn, each with 20-30 square feet of “plantable” area, and each rock garden bed will be about 12-18″ above grade to allow for prostrate flowers to flow over the front of the sandstone boulders.

    I am looking for a variety of perennial species in low/prostrate, medium (12-18″) and tall (>18″) heights, flowers preferred but certainly foliage pattern/colors matter as well. The species proposed should be able to survive with no supplemental watering after 1-2 summers.

    Please brainstorm at tonight’s meeting if you have time – I have several species picked out already but would love more variety between the six beds.

    Thanks for any help,

    Brian White



  3. Can’t make it 😒 tight schedule this week. Will meetings be scheduled the third Tuesday of the month? If so, I will put on my calendar. Thanks…..
    Janice Miller


  4. Can hardly wait! Bonnie said I have to drive so I will be there. I have some asparagus seed if someone wants to try them.(From the plants in my yard.)


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