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At our meeting the other night I was listing some of the seed companies that I recommend because they aren’t owned by Monsanto and don’t buy ANY of their seeds from Monsanto. I am very concerned that the large chemical companies have bought out many of the smaller seed companies over the last 2 decades and now own greater than 60% of the seed companies in the US. This gives these companies the power to dictate which seed varieties are available to us and the number of varieties available has dropped dramatically. Having many different varieties available enables us to have seeds appropriate for our area versus seeds that need to grow in an area with a longer, hotter, more humid growing season.

Below is a link to a site that lists companies not owned by Monsanto. Pinetree Garden Seeds is not on the list but should be, they are based out of Maine and have many varieties that do well here. There are likely others that they have missed, if you have a company that you like that isn’t on this list call them up and ask them if they buy seeds from Monsanto/Seminis. Knowledge is power.  Happy planting!  Kami

List Of Monsanto Free Seed Companies




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