update on a great meeting!

Hi all,

We had a terrific meeting last night!  We met some great new faces as well as visited with many familiar ones and discussed the 2 big projects that the garden club is taking on this year.

1)Rehabbing the garden at the Bayfield Elementary School. We have received a grant for $2000, several donations of labor, roadbase and plants so we are well on our way. I meet with the principal and others at the school tomorrow to work out logistics so I will post an update soon.

2)Garden giveaway with Pine River Shares. We will be giving away 5 straw bale gardens to families in the area. This is a great way to get started and as luck would have it one of our new members has been growing using this technique!

Don’t forget that Andrew has set up a Facebook page for the club (Pine River Garden Club) and we will be posting both places to try to reach everyone.  There is still time to order onions if you would like but I have to have our order into Beth LaShell next week so don’t hesitate too much. $3.50/bunch of 60 plants, red, yellow or white or leeks.

Have a terrific day!



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