cold weather planting/projects

Hi all,

We are meeting this Tuesday, March 8th, at 6pm to plant some cold weather seeds and put them in the dome to get started.  We need volunteers to commit to a day to check and water the seedlings as they grow.  This will be the same as we did last year, GC members will be able to take seedling home and we will plant extra for the plant swap and our 2 fabulous summer projects!

Project 1: Building a garden at the Bayfield Elementary School on Clover Drive. We have received $2000 in grant money and have several very generous donations of plants, road base, compost and equipment use.  I am trying to get more money so we can have a great couple from Moab come and lead the build of the raised earthbag beds.  I will keep you posted on all that is happening, I will be presenting the project to Farm Bureau in a couple of weeks and hopefully they will pitch in some money and we can schedule a couple of weekends and have it rocking for summer!

Project 2:  In partnership with Pine River Shares will be giving away 5 straw bale gardens. The winners will receive up to 10 bales, fertilizer to season the bales, a booklet on strawbale gardening and seedlings/seeds to get started.  Winners will also get mentoring from garden club members throughout the season.  We plan to have an experienced garden and a less experienced gardener matched to each winning family so let us know what you can do to help.

We all have lots to learn and lots to offer so don’t be shy, join in and get your hands dirty!

Don’t forget that we also have a facebook page now, thanks again Andrew for getting us connected 🙂


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