Time Change this weekend Spring is next weekend, ready set here it comes!!!

Our regular meeting is this Tuesday March 15th 6pm at the Library, and we have a lot going on already.  We are headed right into spring next week!!

We have planted seeds that are in the greenhouse, mostly cold crops for the plant exchange.  Big thank you to Andrew for getting that organized, and on facebook, don’t forget to look for us there at Pine River Garden Club.  We will be posting lots of updates through that site and everyone can look at it.

We have planning to do for the school garden that is happening very fast.  We will need lots of volunteers in April, on the weekends to make this happen for the kids!  Contact one of the garden club members if you can’t make it to the meetings but would like to help!!

Here is a picture of what can be make out of the earth bags that we are planning on using for the walls of the raised beds for the gardens.  Very interesting technique!  And very earth friendly.  Many kudos to Kami for getting this all rolling!

Of course this is not what we are going to build, but it’s the same building technique, and we will only be building a kid size wall to hold soil, this is just some of the possibilities.

Coming up fast is the Club’s Annual Plant Exchange. Scheduled for May around the 21st??  Where you can trade out those plants that you started too many of, make donations and get starts for your garden and all kinds of things.  We’ll get that project rolling also.

Come join us we have lots of great things happening for this spring. Anyone can be a part of it all, bring a friend there are gardener’s in us all!

Oh yeah and bring a light snack or appetizer to share if you like.

Hope to see you there!



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