It’s a Busy Spring Already!! Tues meeting April 19th 6pm at library.

It seems there is never enough time for everything you need to get done in the spring.  Well here we go into that season!  Our next meeting is Tuesday April 19th at 6pm at the Library and there is a lot to go over this time.

We have the annual Garden Club Plant exchange coming up fast.  Next month on the 21st.  We will go over some of the plans for that.  Figure out what still needs done, what we need help with to get all that rolling.  This is the very best place to get plants for your gardens this year.  All locally grown plants that we trade with other gardeners or for donations to the Garden Club.  What more could you ask for!!

We will have a short talk about starting a straw bale garden, something all of us are looking forward to hearing about and maybe even trying out this year.

We have a local source for getting good straw bales to do this with, no weed preventative on them.  We will organize where and when to make that happen.

Our garden giveaways will be announced and some planning to make that happen.

Garden Club members can sign up to buy seed potatoes for your garden this year at a really great price.

And I’m sure a lot more that I haven’t thought of yet.  So come join us and get gardening!



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