What a worlwind of a meeting. Straw bale gardens, straw, potatoes and more garden club members!! Welcome to all those newcomers that showed up. Thanks to everyone.
NOW let’s talk about EARTH DAY. Friday April 22. What about a transplanting party?? It’s FRIDAY, EARTH DAY and a FULL Moon also!! What a gardener’s party.
Some of the seedlings in the dome need to be transplanted in order to be ready for the plant exchange May 21st. We can use those black pots you have hanging around, the smaller ones and those sixpack things if you have them, bring them in. We have soil we just need transplanters!
So show up and get your hands dirty 5-7pm or so.
If you can’t come, remember to divide those perennials that you have at home. Split up those houseplants, get them all ready for the plant exchange next month. Get ready to trade plants with other gardeners, and get some great plants for your gardens this year. thanks to the Pine River Garden Club.
More on that later.,
So come to the dome at the library and help transplant Friday!

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