Plant Exchange Saturday May 21st 9AM-12 Meeting changed to Friday the 20th 6 PM-?? Plant Exchange Setup at the Library

We have moved our regular meeting to Friday night May 20th 6pm until 8??  We will be doing the setup for the annual Garden Club Plant Exchange, which is on Saturday from 9-12 at the Library.

Please bring any plants you would like to trade, exchange, or donate to the Garden Club.  We welcome plants, seedlings that you have too many of, perennials that you divide out of your yard that you would like to trade with fellow gardeners and maybe get something you’ve been hoping for or would like to try this year.

NO PLANTS TO EXCHANGE?? That’s ok, come to the Exchange anyway, we will have seedlings we have started in the growing dome in exchange for donations to the Garden Club, so that we can keep up this growing tradition.  Meet fellow gardeners and many Plant Crazy People. A big thank you to all those who have helped those seedlings along  and kept them watered!!

We will also have prizes, like a Honda Mini Tiller, a Hydroponic system and a few other great prizes for a small donation to the club.  Prizes courtesy of Southwest AG, Lewis Merc and a few others.  Thanks to Kate Middleton for the legwork on these!

Please come join the madness, fun, plant frenzy.  Planting season really is here in spite of the weather.  It will warm up one of these days.

And if you haven’t visited the pictures of the new school garden going in at the Bayfield Elementary  School on Clover drive you are missing out on being part of a great thing that the Garden Club is putting in for the school. See or Facebook page for Pine River Garden Club.   Kami Larsen has been coaching us all and still needs help this weekend in building the earth bag raised beds for the garden.  They are coming along great.  Many more hands are still needed.

Lots going on this month come join the fun anyway you can!!  What a great group of Gardening Crazies!!!!!!  Come meet us or better yet join us.  Hope to see all those new members we haven’t even met yet.


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