We need help, well– we all do, at the School gardens. Friday and Saturday!! Come be a part of something amazing!!


Tomorrow , Friday 7/29/16
6:30am to whenever finished.

We need two helpers at the elementary school garden to help Gina and her husband put the sealer on the stucco. (Please bring latex gloves and a paint brush and whatever drinks or snacks you would like).

The Bayfield Elementary School is at 511 E. Mustang Lane, if you haven’t been there yet you really should see it.  Better yet come help and be a part of something amazing that the club is doing for the community, the kids especially,  for years and generations to come.

Saturday 7/30/16
7am to whenever finished.

We need dirt movers, we will be getting the soil for the beds and filling the beds. (Please bring gloves,  shovels a wheelbarrow maybe a hoe (for weeding), and whatever snacks and drinks you would like).  Don’t forget the hats and sunscreen it is hot out there!!

THIS IS THE FINAL PUSH ON THESE GARDEN BEDS WE HAVE WORKED SO HARD ON! Let’s give these kids something they can be proud of and take ownership of! 🙂👍. Thank you for everyone’s continued support. We are almost there, should be ready for fall planting!!


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