School garden planting!

Hey there clubbers! Bonnie Cotton, Mimi Salber and I had waaaayyy too much fun at Spring Mountain Growers this am. Cali Rizzi was unbelievably generous with beautiful, luscious plants for the school garden. We planted a lot but we will be there again in the morning to finish it off and have it looking fantastic for the kiddos return! We will be starting at 7:30am so we can beat the heat and maybe rain though the sun graced us with its presence all day today. Do a little rain dance for tonight so all of the new plantings will be settled in and juicy. I would post pics from today but I want to see some faces come see it in person 🙂 You will be dazzled I promise.Maria Miller if you have time to come by and let me know if we are leaving enough empty space that would be terrific. Thanks again Bonnie Cottonand Mimi, you rock!


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