End of Season Garden Club Potluck. Tuesday October 17th, 6pm in the Library.

Hard to believe our gardening season is over with, mostly.  You may have a few things hanging on, and or you may be planting garlic for next year.  Time to clean up and put up this year.

Our annual Garden Club Potluck is this Tuesday.  Bring a dish, bring the family, bring some dinnerware and come join us.  Some people are bringing seed to share, bring some if you like.  Let us know how your garden did.  What plans do you have for next year.

If you have a bed in the Library garden and want it next year we ask that you pay and sign up at this meeting.

See you there!



Zucchini Extravaganza was great hope you were able to attend this year. September meeting Tuesday the 19th 6pm at the library.

Hope you made the festival, it was nice to see so many new faces and some we had not seen in awhile.

Harvest season is upon us, mornings are a little cooler.  Watch out for those early frosts that are likely this month and next.  I know you don’t want to think about it, but try not to let it affect your garden if you can help it.

See you all Tuesday .


August meeting Tuesday the 15th, 6pm at the Library.

Well we thought July came fast and now it’s August.  Your gardens should be at their best and most productive.  The weeds are the hardest to keep up with.

Come join us to talk about the Zucchini Extravaganza going on Sept 10 Starting at noon.  It benefits the garden club so come sign up to help in anyway you can.  What great recipe are you going to try and bring to the event with your zucchini?  We welcome them all.

We will also be doing some garden cleanup so the walkways look their best for the herb garden walk through on Thursday the 17th.

Lots going on this time of year come see and hear about these events.  We love to see you all there.

It’s July already, time for our July meeting! Tuesday July 18th 6pm in the Library garden. Potluck!

Never enough time in the summer for all that is going on, and didn’t get this notice in to give you all much time.  We will be having another great potluck in the shade of the straw bale shed again at 6pm on Tuesday the 18th.

We have a few things to talk about and our gardens to brag about.  We will talk about the event that happened at Durango Nursery.  What we are looking to do with the proceeds.  And of course Zucchini Fest which is coming up in September.

So come join us, bring some good food to share.  I know there will be some great things to eat.  Bring a chair if you want a place to sit, your own dinnerware is always appreciated.  It should be great.  And everybody has something in their garden they want to talk about!!  Hope you can make it.

June Meeting Tuesday the 20th, 6pm. Potluck in the Garden!

Summer is really here.  So is the gardening season.  Come to the meeting tomorrow the 20th in the Garden if we can.  We will have a meet and greet potluck.  There are so many new members we have not had time to get to know, so here is the chance.

Bring a dish to share, possibly a chair or two.  We are going to try to have the potluck in the garden if it’s not so hot we can’t stand it.   Sorry Don you may have to cook again!  Or just bring something to share and we can all get together and talk gardening.

See you there at 6pm at the library garden.

Oh yeah, if you have signed up for a garden bed and just don’t have the time to get to it, let us know we still have people asking for beds, maybe we can let someone else use it or get you a gardening partner to help you out.



Plant Exchange Saturday May 20th . Bayfield Library 10am-2pm

Don’t forget our annual Plant Exchange.  Bring a plant to trade or exchange with your fellow gardeners.  If you don’t have any, come anyway, we will take donations for plants . There will be a lot there already from club members.  Also a bake sale, book sale and a garden related yard sale, all for donations to the club.  Please come join us it will be fun!

The library will be hosting a pop-up playground for the kiddos come see what that is all about,  going on at the same time.

One small note on payments we can not accept any debit or credit cards, thank you!  See you there.

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April Garden Club Meeting, tomorrow Tuesday 18th 6pm.

Sorry for the late notice, you can tell it’s spring too much going on at once!  Our regular meeting is tomorrow the 18th at 6pm at the Bayfield Library.  There is a lot to go over at this meeting.  Like the plant exchange scheduled for May 20th.  You should be digging those perennials to divide or transplanting those seedlings you want to bring and trade or come join us and see how else you can help.  We need lots of help!! In lots of ways.

There is a straw bale class scheduled for next Tuesday the 25th of April at the library.

There is a strawberry tower class on the 29th Saturday scheduled.

All kinds of things happening.  Come to the meeting and see what else we have planned or get more information on any of these happenings.

See you there!



Thursday April 6th 2pm. Lets meet at Evenings Porch and talk gardening!!

Evenings Porch assisted living has asked the garden club to join them and help them to plan their garden for this season. This Thursday April 6th at 2pm.
They would like to meet with us just to talk gardening. They have some wonderful raised beds and wanted us to give them some suggestions of what to plant that they can serve to their residents.
So if you have some time Thursday, please come join us just for the fun of meeting more gardeners., and who knows you might get some ideas for your gardens too. All level gardeners are more than welcome, everyone has something to offer, even if you don’t know it yet!!
42811 US Highway 160 Bayfield. Just west of the Alta gas station. Hope you can join us.
PR Garden Club