Spring is Monday and the March Garden Club Meeting is Tuesday the 21st at 6pm at the Library!!

This will be a great meeting this month, we have some wonderful Bee keepers who will talk about the Basics of Beekeeping.  A very important part of gardening for all of us.  What makes bees thrive and what to avoid in your garden to help them out.  It should be very interesting and a wealth of information for everyone.

We will also be collecting our yearly membership dues of $10.  Onions and potatoes are in the works along with Straw for straw bale gardens.  Come join us and find out the deals the Garden Club Member can take advantage of.  The dues we collect go towards being able to purchase these great deals ahead of time and then share them with members, as well as supplies for various projects we have in the works.

Start thinking about dividing those perennials in your yard for the plant exchange in May.  If you dig them now you can pot them up now and they will be in great shape for the GC Plant Exchange.  More about that next month.  Come join us it will be great.

Our visit with Evenings Porch that was scheduled for tomorrow the 18th has been cancelled.  We will reschedule for sometime in April.


February Garden Club Meeting Tuesday the 21st at 6pm at the Library

February’s meeting will be about planting seeds, what to use, when to start what and more.  There may even be some seeds left from the seed exchange!

We will be talking about this years plant exchange and how you all can help.

Join in with us and see what we can all grow!  See you there.




garden clean up and yard art!

Well it will be a hard act to follow with our big win courtesy of Laura Wibbeler Macy‘s scarecrow but let’s see what type of garden art we can create next Sunday, November 6th, with local artist Krista Brickey Harris at the community garden at the library! We will also be cleaning up the garden beds and tidying it all up for the winter. Please bring chicken wire, baling twine, baling wire straw, burlap or any other things that could be added to the sculptures. You should also bring gloves and pliers and wire cutters if possible. Please post here as to what you have so we cover as much as possible. For those of you that can’t come on the 6th we may be doing more on the 13th since I don’t know if we can finish on the 6th. I can bring 2 bales of straw and baling twine!

vote, vote, vote!

No, I’m not talking about the election, something much more fun!

Happy almost Halloween everyone! Don’t forget to swing by Durango Nursery tomorrow and vote for the ultra creepy scarecrow created by our very own Laura Wibbeler Macy for the Pine River Garden Club! They have lots of fun activities planned and great deals on plants too. Thank you again Laura for making us look good (and creepy)!



feeling crafty??

Hello fellow garden junkies! I just talked to Krista Harris a local artist that would like to lead a project in the garden building yard art sculptures. She has done some before using chicken wire, straw, branches and they sound pretty incredible. I would like to combine this with a garden clean up day. Would sunday the 6th or sunday the 13th work for anyone? probably noon-4ish while it is still warm hopefully. this would be open to the whole community and then the sculptures could be in the garden all winter and turned into compost in the spring or auctioned off at the plant exchange. We need donations of straw (I have a couple of bales), baling twine (I can get a bunch from a neighbor), chicken wire, baling wire, burlap. People need to bring gloves, pliers, wire cutters. what do you think?